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FLIF Software

FLIF is still very young. As the format matures we expect support for it to grow in many areas. On this page, we give an overview of available FLIF plugins, applications, tools, and libraries.

NOTE: Many items listed below do not have FLIF support yet, we would love for them to though. If you have an interest in working on one of these, let us know!

Reference implementation

The reference implementation of FLIF consists of a command line tool called flif and a shared library called libflif. They are licensed under the LGPLv3+. There is also a decoder-only library called libflif_dec, which is licensed under the more permissive Apache 2.0 license.


Currently there are no browsers that have native FLIF support. We hope for this to change at some point, but browser developers are understandably hesitant to support new image formats. There is however a javascript based implementation:

If you want to encourage browser developers to add FLIF support, maybe these pointers might help:

Graphics Software

Image Viewers

Image Converters

Image Optimization